he’s the one they warn us about in math problems 

If I had that amount of money this would be me every day.
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Every Monday or Tuesday I’m going to ask my followers a question, and I want you guys to put your responses in my ask box. I will then present the most interesting responses I get on my dash every Friday of the week.

This is an opportunity to learn about everyone’s opinions on political topics and events that are affecting us at the moment - there is no wrong or right answer, just express how you feel and learn about how others feel too. This could also create healthy debate :)
Feel free to post your responses anonymously - but please no nastiness, this is for informative purposes as well as for fun and any offensive posts will not be presented at the end of the week.

This week’s question is:

Should Scotland become independent?
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War, children, is just a shot away
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Weird to think that this time a year ago I was in Germany… that’s gone way too fast.

It’s also weird to think about the kinds of things I was worried about whilst I was there; pfft. I wasted so much of my time on those worries when I could’ve focused more on having fun with my family.

That was still an awesome weekend away though.

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Anonymous: Bill is so hader then u.

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Life Hack #2